admin1 – January 23, 2009 – 1:23pm

Macedonia should send a strong message to the world that it is not a country of spiked clubs, wars, and archaic heroes, but a multiethnic and democratic country that aspires to integrate in EU and NATO, Ambassador Nano Ruzin stressed on Thursday at his promotion as LDP’s candidate for president of Macedonia. He noted that he made the decision to run for president after renowned diplomat Srgjan Kerim decided not to run at the elections. Ruzin expects fair and democratic elections at which all candidates will be respected, and he called on all citizens to support his candidacy, emphasizing that Macedonia must modernize.

LDP Chairman Jovan Manasievski stated that the party organs had reached a consensual agreement to nominate Ruzin, who they believe to be an experienced diplomat who secured numerous friendships and alliances for Macedonia during his term as Macedonian ambassador to NATO.