admin1 – January 5, 2006 – 3:58pm

According to the report of the Heritage Foundation revealed on Wednesday, Macedonia improved its economic freedom degree. Since this world-famous foundation started measuring this index in Macedonia, it has been improving slightly every year. In 2002 it was 3.35, two years ago it was 3.09 and in 2006 it will be 2.80.

With this result, Macedonia is on the 57th position on a scale of 157 countries. On a regional scale, ahead of Macedonia are Slovenia on the 38th position, Albania on the 52nd and Croatia on the 55th. Macedonia shares its 57th place with Greece and is followed by Bulgaria on the 64th and Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 74th place.

Macedonia received the worst marks about its laws, gray economy and ownership rights protection. From the best mark of one to the worst of five, Macedonia received four for these areas.

It received three for its trade policy, state intervention and foreign investments, two for the banking sector and prices, and one for the fiscal and monetary policy.