admin1 – July 17, 2014 – 1:28pm

With 82 votes in favor of the present 89 Members of Parliament, the proposal for modifying the Macedonian Constitution passed Parliament Wednesday. The required two-thirds majority was secured with the 61 votes from VMRO-DPMNE and the 19 from BDI plus Cedomir Sazdovski from GROM and Mirsada Asani, a former member of RDK. Roza Topuzova-Karevska from LDP abstained from voting, while the six MPs of PDSH voted against.

Despite rumors that he may not appear at the plenary session Wednesday due to some internal disagreements, Hazbi Lika from BDI did attend the session voting in favor of the proposal.

The vote Wednesday was preceded by a heated debate between the MPs of BDI and PDSH who accused each other of neglecting ethnic Albanian interests. Rafiz Aliti from BDI said they had not renounced the idea of new constitutional modifications that would pertain to the way the head of state is elected, the manner in which the Constitutional Court passes decisions, and other demands to promote ethnic Albanian rights.