admin1 – October 3, 2006 – 11:42am
Macedonian Assembly

The heated atmosphere at the assembly session on the law for the police culminated with a new incident yesterday. On a number of occasions the BDI parliamentarians literally occupied the assembly speaker's platform. They banged with the Rules of Procedure and the Constitution and they seized Assembly Chairman Ljubisa Georgievski's card and bell. He requested assistance from the Assembly's security services. The BDI parliamentarians did not withdraw from the speaker's platform and they continued to bang on the bell even while Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska was explaining the law. Following the unsuccessful attempts to convince the BDI parliamentarians to return to their seats and not being able to secure elementary conditions for work, Georgievski discontinued the session in the afternoon.

The BDI parliamentarians were angry that the parliamentary majority ignored their requests for the law for the police to be returned to the preliminary phase, for the problems related to the use of the Badinter majority to be resolved, and for the differences to be ironed out with a political agreement. Some of the older parliamentarians yelled out "you asked for it", hinting at the incident when Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, as member of the opposition in the previous parliamentary structure, took then Assembly Chairman Ljupco Jordanovski's card.