admin1 – November 23, 2006 – 1:10pm

Debate The reforms in the Justice Ministry and Interior Ministry are necessary for Macedonia's integration into the European Union. But these key ministries are also the most difficult ministries to reform, Deputy Prime Minister Gabriela Konevska-Trajkovska assessed at yesterday's debate in Skopje "Macedonia toward the unique space of justice, freedom, and security of the EU".

"The reform of the Interior Ministry must be accompanied by reform of the judicature. It is a fact that there are no good results in the fight against corruption and that there are no court epilogues in this sphere. The fight against corruption must not be politically tinted or tinged in any other way," Deputy Prime Minister for EU Integration Konevska-Trajkovska said.

She believes that Macedonia has professional cadre in the judicature and that the institutions' capacity must not be minimized, considering that they only need better training.