1. Opinion Piece

      Highlights of commentaries and columns in the press in the Republic of Macedonia.
      OP - Opinion Piece is established as a regular daily service in 2005.  

  2. INFOMAC Macedonian Press Digest 

      Highlights of stories in all Macedonian language daily newspapers in the Republic of Macedonia.
      This publication every workday presents 25-30 news items. 

  3. INFOMAC Daily News Service

      General service that provides news in English on daily basis.
      This publication every workday presents news on the most important political and economic events in the country, as well as daily press  review which includes the most interesting commentary from the national press that day.

  4. INFOMAC - Special Editions

  5. INFOMAC Weekly Service

     Weekly journal consisted of  the most important interviews, reports and commentaries on the latest events in the Republic of Macedonia carried in Macedonian weeklies. 

  6. Albanian Press in Macedonia

      Daily  service of English translated articles from the press in Albanian language  in the Republic of Macedonia.
      The service follows political comments and reviews, relevant stances of Albanian representatives in Macedonia, interviews with Albanian political leaders, as well as news and reports that have not been published in the newspapers in Macedonian.

  7. Macedonian Affairs

      Bimonthly journal consisted of analyses on Macedonian Politics, Economy, Society and Foreign Affairs.
      The main part of the content includes four analyses covering these subjects written by Macedonian experts on various issues.  

  8. Macedonian Business Monthly

     Monthly business newsletter. This publication presents 50-60 news items on the most important economic events and business developments in the country.

  9. MIC Business Digest (soon)

10. MIC Business News (soon)

11. Monthly Economy Report (soon)

12. Quarterly Economy Report (soon)

13. Annual Economy Report (soon)

14. The Republic of Macedonia: facts & figures 

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Special Services:

MIC Intelligence                                  MIC Archive

1. Monthly Insight Report 

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