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Macedonian Information Centre is an independent news agency. MIC's primary task is providing news, information and analyses to the international community, mainly to foreign governments, foreign embassies, governmental organizations, institutes, international businesses, libraries, various research organizations, news agencies and media abroad about Macedonian politics, economy, society, religion, culture, etc.

Back in 1992, when we founded MIC, we started with only one service INFOMAC Daily News Service. Today MIC has an extensive line of products, yet INFOMAC remained the basis of our work. The team of MIC only believes in constant improvement of the quality and content of its products. That is the only reason for the towering number of subscribers who trust us and many of whom are with us since the very beginning.

The basic principle in MIC’s work to which we are strongly committed is bringing our readers the stories, issues, facts and figures they need to know to stay informed continuously and accurately. MIC does that in a format making it possible for subscribers to get what they need in a fast, simple and safe way. By way of our fee-based packages, our subscribers may choose the number and type of MIC’s products they want to use.

MIC Intelligence together with a chosen team of external associates enables our clients to find the answer fast and easily to what is going on, what stands behind and what that means for the future of Macedonia and the region.

With micnews.com.mk we have upgraded our functionality. Our pages contain more recent news than ever before. And what we take pride in most is MIC’s archive, which will soon become available to our subscribers too. MIC has an extensive archive in English containing hundreds of thousands of articles, which can be accessed using the search tool.

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        MIC management:

Dragan Antonov              adragan@mt.net.mk

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