admin1 – October 14, 2005 – 11:56am

The United States rejects any involvement in the name issue, and reaffirms its support for the UN process on the name issue. "We believe that if the parties want to solve the problem, they should work with Mr. Nimetz and work with each other to find a mutually acceptable solution," State Department Deputy Spokesman Adam Ereli stated at the briefing on 13 October. Answering questions by Greek journalists, Ereli said, "If you are trying to analyze what is going on and where things are going, do not look to the United States to make your assessment. Look to what the UN is doing, what both parties are saying, and how they are responding to UN proposals. This is a UN process. It is an issue for discussion between the two parties and that is an appropriate way to handle the issue. We support the process for this reason. So do not say that it is the United States, because it is not, and do not say that the United States is somehow involved in this process, because it is not. We are only involved by expressing support for the UN and the role that the UN is playing".