admin1 – October 20, 2005 – 10:12am

There is no bird flu in Macedonia, Veterinary Administration director Slobodan Cokrevski said on Wednesday (19 October).

Cokrevski said that the tests showed that there is no presence of viral influenza or bird flu in Mogila, Nikuljane, and a few farms in eastern Macedonia. The birds died of the "Newcastle" disease.

The only suspicious sample from the Bitola village of Mogila will be sent to Great Britain for analysis today or tomorrow.

All necessary preventive measures against the "Newcastle" disease have been conducted in the field, Cokrevski confirmed. The poultry are exterminated in accordance with the EU regulations and recommendations.

In those places where presence of the "Newcastle" disease was established, the veterinary services are taking the same measures as those for the bird flu.

"So far there have been no bird flu cases in Macedonia. Macedonia is taking all preventive measures against this disease," Health Minister Vlado Dimov told MIC on Tuesday (18 October).

Western agencies reported on Wednesday (19 October) that the EU suspects presence of bird flu in Macedonia.