admin1 – December 2, 2005 – 10:06am

SDSM leader Vlado Buckovski and Georgios Papandreou, leader of Greek PASOK, agreed in Sofia yesterday to improve the cooperation between the two parties so that the relations between the two countries could intensify, as well. Buckovski and Papandreou met at the regional meeting of the leaders of the social democratic and socialist parties in the region, which was held in Sofia.

The media report that a meeting between the two party delegations is expected to be held at the beginning of next year, after which the communication and cooperation will continue with an intensified tempo.

Discussing the situation in the region, Buckovski and Papandreou expressed support for the open dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, with mediation by the international community, on the resolving of the final status of Kosovo. Papandreou stressed that the most important thing in the resolving of the Kosovo issue is for it to not create new divisions in the region.