admin1 – December 14, 2005 – 3:30pm
Crvenkovski with Chirac in the Elysee Palace, Paris, January 2004.

Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski sent a letter to French President Jacques Chirac today, stating that the Republic of Macedonia expects to receive the status candidate for EU membership at the EU Summit in Brussels.

The Macedonian president reminds in his letter that France's support has been exceptional in all stages of Macedonia's modern history.

"Today, when we rightfully expect adequate valorization of our European achievements, we need France's support more than ever. I completely understand the problems that the EU is facing at the moment. I am convinced that granting the Republic of Macedonia the status candidate for membership will be a victory for Europe; victory of a persistent, consistent, and above all successful European policy. This policy, which was initiated by you personally through the summit in Zagreb, opened the European perspectives of the last region of Europe that expects to be part of the European Union", the letter states.

Macedonian President Crvenkovski expressed high respect for French President Jacques Chirac, and he stated that the candidate status would be a big incentive and obligation for the Republic of Macedonia, which is not afraid for its future and which has responded with dignity and in a European manner to all challenges. The Macedonian president expressed the expectation that the European Council in Brussels would confirm the country's achievements so far by granting Macedonia the status candidate for EU membership.