Macedonian Affairs: About the Macedonian Language
admin1 – December 2, 2010 – 1:19pm

Kole Casule

Academician, doyen and legend of Macedonian drama. One of the founders of modern Macedonian literature.

Macedonian Affairs Vol. VII, No. 1 - December 2008

On many occasions I have written that the Macedonian penetration through history, as a lasting standing, has been founded on the language, too. The insight of the facts undeniably confirms that the history of the Macedonian language is one of the most impressive ones of our time.
Exposed to continual attempts for its annulment or assimilation, the Macedonian language has affirmed itself as a centuries-long resurrection that, similarly to all resurrections, had its casualties.
Henceforth, what I once said: To write in Macedonian means to wage a battle is equally a confirmation and a legalization of the standing as rebellion.
The literature born in the Macedonian language, in the past as well as today, is a shot fired at all those who are designing genocide for the Macedonian people even today and threatening to rescind our right to existence.
The Macedonian language is spoken by over two million people, most of them scattered all over the world, from the most forlorn places in Canada to the Fire Land, from the coasts of the American Pacific to Australia, wherever the Macedonian was forced to look for a shelter to be himself.
However, the Macedonian language is a daring and open language. It is capable to endure all encroachments against it but also to be imbued with everything that is valuable in the other close and distant languages. And all this is in the service of the truth and literature.