Doris Pack: Socialist Party needs to return to parliament
admin1 – February 3, 2011 – 12:11pm

Following the recent developments in Macedonia, Doris Pack MEP called on the Socialist Party to return to parliament and not to move the country into a position similar to that of Albania:

"Neither the Socialist Party of Macedonia nor its counterpart in Albania are acting in the interest of their respective countries. The only result of their street protests is to lead to doubts within the European Union whether their countries will be able to fulfil European standards of democracy. Their behaviour is irresponsible.

Instead of taking to the streets, they should argue their case in parliament. Macedonia needs a functioning parliament with so much legislative work still to be done, and the Macedonian people deserve to have a functioning parliamentary democracy.

There is no violation of media freedom by the government but a normal judicial procedure against the owner of a TV channel and of a lot of other businesses in Macedonia because of supposed tax fraud involving millions of Euros - and this in a country where any Euro is needed!

I therefore appeal on the Social democratic colleagues to rethink their protests and return to parliament."