admin1 – March 6, 2006 – 9:57am

The secretary of the Democratic Party of Albanians (PDSH), Ruzhdi Matoshi, asked of BDI to watch the words they utter about the Albanian youth, especially about Enver Xhaferi, killed during the police action in Kondovo.

"The officials of BDI, Agron Buxhaku in particular, should be careful with their statements and labeling of the Albanian youth. He should inquire how big the Xhaferi family's contribution to this nation is. He should ask 'his superiors' if they know Muzafer Xhaferi, the first fighter who got killed in Tanusevci," Matoshi said, adding that "Verusevski junior terrorizes the whole country and no one dares to even look him in the eyes".

Buxhaku refuses to accept Matoshi's accusations.

"We're not labeling anyone, all we said was that Xhaferi was wanted for crimes, not that he was a criminal," Buxhaku said and added that he was ready to face Matoshi in a TV debate. Buxhaku expects Matoshi to pick the television house where they can meet.