admin1 – April 7, 2006 – 11:27am

The international tender for selling the steam power plant TEC Negotino was published in The Financial Times. The companies interested to race for the tender will have to prove that they have assets of over 300 million euros, income of over 200 million euros in the last two fiscal years and profit of more than 20 million euros. Consortiums, including at least one company meeting these requirements, will also be able to participate in the tender.

The deadline for submitting bids is April 27 this year.

The Russian companies RAO ES and Gazprom planning to promote the natural gas business in Macedonia are considered the most serious candidates. Gas d'France and Hellenic Petroleum too are considered interested in taking hold of TEC Negotino.

TEC Negotino is Macedonia's second largest producer of electricity with installed capacity of 200 MWh, kept as reserve of Macedonia's energy system.