admin1 – November 11, 2013 – 2:31pm

“Macedonia has to move forward. Therefore, something has to be added or upgraded on the political stage, something that will be an encouragement and impetus for things to get back on track. We don’t need dead heroes, but live victors. We are going to work for the good of the citizens, we are going to transform ourselves and make transformations so the citizens would not want to leave the country,” Ljupco Zikov, journalist and owner of Kapital, said to the 600 delegates at the inaugural meeting of the Alliance for Positive Macedonia held at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet on Sunday upon being elected its chairman with acclamation as the only candidate.

Businessman Minco Jordanov is going to chair the Council for Positive Macedonia, which is going to consist of top experts in various fields, while former Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski will be part of the presidency. These three are the driving force of the movement that is open to all citizens of any ethnic group and that will soon grow into a political party.

The first goal and commitment of the Alliance for Positive Macedonia will be the citizen and his or her unalienable rights and liberties. The Alliance is not going to restrict itself to solely making diagnoses, nor will its actions draw upon attacks. Instead, it will work hard to offer meaningful solutions and ideas that will pull Macedonia forcefully forward.