admin1 – November 19, 2013 – 3:22pm

Two expert teams should be formed in Skopje and Athens to immediately begin looking for a solution to the name issue behind closed door. Negotiations would be mediated by the European Union with dominant German influence. The moment the negotiations come close to a solution, politicians would get involved too and with shuttle diplomacy similar to that employed during the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina a compromise would be reached. This, according to Sloboden pecat’s unconfirmed information, is the scenario the details of which are being defined in both Athens and Skopje.

The governments of Macedonia and Greece are expected to voice their view on the new framework soon, in the run-up to the December summit of the EU. Skopje is said to have already accepted the initiative and that it is Athens’ response that is being awaited now. The UN is also expected to accept the initiative. If the response from both Athens and the UN is positive, the start of the negotiations will be announced at the summit in December with much fanfare considering that at the moment there is almost no communication between the two countries either official or unofficial.