admin1 – November 29, 2013 – 2:46pm

Ricardo Gutiérrez, Secretary General of the European Federation of Journalists, said at the end of his 2-day visit to Macedonia that the Federation was seriously concerned about the situation in the Macedonian media, citing reports from the European Commission, Freedom House and the US Department of State, Sloboden Pecat reports.

“I came to Macedonia to share our views. We are concerned about the freedom of media in Macedonia. The reports of the US Department of State, the European Unions, and Reporters Without Borders reveal that the freedom of expression is getting restricted. We are also concerned about the pressure being put on certain journalists. I met journalist Tomislav Kezarovski in his home, of course, and I noticed he was very strong and full of faith and I believe he is so for he knows he is innocent. I told Ministers Fatmir Besimi and Ivo Ivanovski that a journalist in Europe would not be imprisoned based on those charges,” Gutiérrez said.