admin1 – December 2, 2013 – 12:20pm

After a one-year delay, the new law on criminal proceedings, which significantly changes the role of public prosecutors, enters into effect on Monday (2 December). The Prosecution will hereafter be the key factor in conducting investigations, which spells the end of the era of investigative judges. These massive changes are put down to the need of making the law enforcement authorities more efficient and more mobile in resolving crimes and tracking down criminals.

Although the four investigation centers and the justice police foreseen in the law have not yet been formed, the Prosecution says it is ready to take on the new responsibilities. As for the investigations that are in progress, additional talks will be held with the Supreme Court in order to ensure the cases run by the previous and by the new law do not get mixed up. For this matter, too, the Prosecution says, solutions have been devised in the transitional and closing provisions of the new law.