admin1 – April 17, 2006 – 12:41pm

The Government decided that the parliamentary elections would be held on 5 July. At a secret meeting held on Saturday (15 April) the SDSM leadership assessed that the holding of the elections on the first regular date has numerous advantages for them and that their chances for victory are quite certain, "Utrinski Vesnik" reports. An agreement on this date was allegedly reached between coalition partners SDSM leader Vlado Buckovski and BDI leader Ali Ahmeti.

Assembly Chairman Ljupco Jordanovski is supposed to meet with the parliamentary parties to discuss the date, after which he will officially announce the date of the elections.

"Not wanting to usurp the assembly chairman's discretionary right to schedule the elections, we will convey to him our position that there is no change in that which SDSM has been saying over the last three months. SDSM wants the elections this year to be held on the first regular date. According to our assessments, the alignment of forces is such that if the elections are held when we want them to be held, we will have one more trump card to win these elections", Buckovski said.