admin1 – January 24, 2014 – 1:13pm

With 69 votes in favor, six against and no abstentions, the modifications to the election law passed Parliament Thursday. The modifications had previously been agreed upon by all political parties from both the government and the opposition. Only PDSH did not participate in the negotiations and they voted against the proposed modifications. They also accused BDI of having accepted anti-Albanian modifications.

Under the modified election legislation, political parties will not be allowed to accept donations exceeding 50,000 euros, to begin construction of facilities and to put to use already put up facilities during election campaigns. Only the issue concerning the diaspora vote has remained unresolved. Parties have agreed to revisit it before the holding of the parliamentary elections.

In the presidential election set to be held in April, for the first time voters will be marked with visible ink that cannot be washed off for 24 hours, and new members will be assigned to the electoral boards at the Macedonian diplomatic missions and consular posts.