admin1 – May 16, 2014 – 12:56pm

The political situation in Macedonia in the wake of the presidential and early parliamentary elections, the UN-mediated name issue talks with Greece, Macedonia’s European integration and the country’s relations with its neighbors were all tabled at President Gjorge Ivanov’s meeting with EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule in Brussels on Thursday.

President Ivanov’s office informed that Ivanov told Commissioner Fule that the fact that Macedonia had been waiting for too long for any progress in its European integration was not any helpful in speeding up reforms and overcoming the shortcomings laid out in the latest EC report on Macedonia’s progress, Vecer reports.

“The status quo situation creates frustrations in our society. It is not good for either Macedonia or the region, or the credibility of enlargement. Macedonia insists that it should be allowed at the next summit of the European Council to conduct EU membership negotiations in parallel with the talks for settling the name dispute with Greece,” President Ivanov told Commissioner Fule.