admin1 – June 10, 2014 – 2:12pm

They say you do not change a winning team and therefore there is no need for any major replacements and rotations, analysts comment after the official list of names to make up the new cabinet has been provided to Parliament for approval.

Experts in general agree they did not expect any major modifications. A priority of the new cabinet, they add, should be the realization of the program rather than the names to fill the ministerial offices.

The fact that the government has not undergone any major alterations is a proof of the continuity in the program and evidence that VMRO-DPMNE keeps its promises, Stojan Kuzev, Professor at the European University, told Vecer daily.

“The selection of ministers in the new government is no surprise at all. The Government continues with its former team because the policies it carries out are consistent. It is for this reason that they believe that it is not changes but rather continuity in the realization of the set measures and policies that is necessary. No changes are necessary because these people have already proven themselves in their respective sectors and helped the party achieve its present rating,” Kuzev says.