admin1 – June 30, 2014 – 12:59pm

Renaming the National Bank of Macedonia into a Bank of Macedonia,  defining marriage as a community between a man and a woman, introducing a constitutional appeal, raising the number of Judicial Council judges, allowing the Constitutional Court to decide on appeals against the Judicial Council's rulings, limiting the budget deficit at 3 percent of GDP and the public debt at 60 percent of GDP, introducing a possibility of forming a special financial zone, and turning the State Audit Office into a constitutional category are the eight alterations to the Macedonian Constitution that the Government proposed and presented at a press conference over the weekend.

"We have decided to put forward these modifications to the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia in order to improve the work of institutions, introduce higher standards and ensure better conditions for economic growth and prosperity. We expect the broader public and experts to become involved in this process and with their substantiated arguments in favor and against to help us reach the best decision for the country and its citizens," Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said at the press conference.