admin1 – May 5, 2006 – 12:34pm

The Ministry of Transport and Communications announced the tender for selecting a consulting house that will prepare the documents for leasing the airports in Skopje and Ohrid. The consultant should develop a model by which the two airports should be rented in keeping with the Concession Law and the Aviation Law. The tender procedure will have a pre-qualification stage.

Interested companies will be able to provide their bids by not later than 15 June this year. In order to take part in the tender, the companies will have to prove they had a good performance over the past three years and that they had average turnover of at least one million euros during that period. In addition, they will have to prove they took part in at least three concession-granting procedures in the transportation sector, one of which involved renting airports with at least one million passengers over the past five years.