admin1 – July 21, 2014 – 1:35pm

The European Commission is going to carefully analyze the constitutional modifications the Government has recently proposed to make sure they are in adherence with the European standards, said Peter Stano, spokesman for EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule. In a statement for the 24 Vesti television channel he said that while Brussels had had remarks about the reforms in a number of areas, it had never called for constitutional modifications.

The European Commission wants the constitutional modifications to be passed with a broad consensus as against the decision of the governing majority to initiate modifications to the highest legal act in the country at a time when the opposition is boycotting Parliament and will therefore not take part in the public debate.

According to Stano, Brussels is going to check whether the whole package of constitutional amendments is aligned with the European norms. However, according to experts, the EU is going to pay special attention to the definition of marriage as a community between a man and a woman and the formation of financial zones.