admin1 – September 1, 2014 – 10:38am

Is it possible for Macedonia, following the March agreement, to get a new September or October agreement that would solve the political crisis due to the absence of the opposition in the Parliament? Or, as another meteor in the extraordinary political atmosphere, the messages of Angela Merkel “that the obligation of the government is to create conditions for including the opposition in the parliament where it should play its role and the opposition’s obligation is to show preparedness to do so” will burn, “Utrinski vesnik” analyzes. According to experts, the signal from Berlin is clear. This is, as they say, a milder pressure wrapped up in diplomatic vocabulary – the two sides to sit down at the same table and try to overcome the differences right in the period which is critical, before receiving the report of the European Commission. The political crisis, they assess, is becoming more complex and dramatic because the opposition gets firmer when its refusal to return to the Parliament is discussed but also because PDSH is seriously thinking about leaving the Parliament. Currently, there are only four MPs from the opposition who failed to respect the party’s decision for boycott. According to experts, the thing that is becoming a symbol of this time is the need for dialogue. They add that this is expected to be noted in the European Commission report.