admin1 – December 3, 2014 – 2:56pm

In his address before the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, Nikola Poposki, Macedonia's Foreign Minister, appealed for acceptance of the six consecutive recommendations of the European Commission for opening EU membership negotiations with the Republic of Macedonia so credibility in the process of enlargement could be restored.

According to him, the three things that need to be paid special attention are the Thessaloniki Agenda of the EU and the major reassurance that the enlargement process has not been forgotten; the six consecutive EC recommendations for opening accession talks with Macedonia, which have not been accepted by the European Council; and the EU's resolve not to admit any new members in the next five years.

"At the moment Macedonia focuses on what the Union defines as High Level Accession Dialogue (HLAD), which suits us, considering HLAD centers of Chapters 23 and 24 as crucial. There is also a separate chapter on good-neighborly relations, which does not mean Macedonia's relations with its neighbors are bad. On the contrary, I find them to be excellent," Poposki said.