admin1 – December 15, 2014 – 2:53pm

The state exam bill has been given a go-ahead at the government session on Saturday. Education Minister Abdilaqim Ademi and his deputy Spiro Ristovski informed at a press conference Sunday that the Government passed a set of five reform bills pertaining to the primary, secondary and higher education, including the state exam bill the public debate about which would follow immediately.

According to Minister Ademi, the state exam is a mechanism of verifying academic knowledge and measuring the effect of what the state has invested in the future academic community.

"The Government strongly believes that the state exam will contribute to a better higher education quality. That is our reason for introducing it. All the other theories that with it the universities' autonomy will be violated, that the state wishes to control professors and harm students, etc, are just inventions fabricated by certain political structures," he said.