admin1 – January 9, 2015 – 2:32pm

Charlie Hebdo in France is the epitome of freedom of expression on all possible subjects. Intellectual provocation is crucial in building our thought, our democracy. Cartoons and humor are an expression of a fundamental right—the freedom of thought.

"By attacking Charlie Hebdo because of its views, the attackers wish to frighten us, to freeze our thought so we would abandon the idea of freedom today and the idea of democracy tomorrow. We refuse to accept this barbarism and will never give in to intolerance and terrorism," said French Ambassador Laurence Auer at the commemoration held in the French Embassy in Skopje on Thursday.

Asked if this tragic event had the capacity to divide the country, Ambassador Auer said the French society was completely united against the horrific attack.

"This is a shock to all of us. The demonstrations across the country were for the 12 victims and 66 million wounded people. We are wounded in our souls, our essence, in what we are. Our democracy and press were attacked and this is unacceptable to us. We feel we wish to fight. We are furious and refuse to accept it. No one would accept it under any circumstances," she said.