admin1 – March 5, 2015 – 2:16pm

The German government is very much concerned about the growing divide between the opposition SDSM and Nikola Gruevski’s Government. Macedonian institutions are therefore urged to investigate the serious allegations in fair procedures in adherence with international standards.

Germany believes it is very important for the opposition and the Government in Macedonia to make sure the political climate in the country improves so that the common goal of all parties—Macedonia’s EU membership—can be attained. These viewpoints of the German Government were presented Wednesday before the members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Bundestag at a meeting held behind closed door, Vest’s correspondent from Berlin, Silvera Padori-Klenke, reports.

Josip Juratovic from the SPD parliamentary group, who is rapporteur on the Western Balkans at the Committee on Foreign Affairs, told Vest that his own impression as well as the impression of many following the situation in the region was that “the situation in Macedonia is more than alarming and that since 2008 the country has been going backwards”.

“Germany and the whole EU, which view the region favorably, have been trying all along to warn of certain indispensable facts including democratic processes, freedom of media, and independent judiciary. As far as the present situation goes, there are initiatives from both Brussels and separate countries. However, the most important is for both parties to sit at a table and seek out a joint solution to how Macedonia and the Macedonian society may again be given positive grades by Brussels,” Juratovic says.