admin1 – March 6, 2015 – 12:55pm

The Belgian company Slabbinck seated in Bruges, capital of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium, plans to invest 3 million euros in Macedonia. Initially, it will be a Brownfield investment. The company will operate in a facility in the Skopje municipality of Gazi Baba.

Slabbinck deals in laser cutting and processing of metals and is one of the key clients of a foreign investors already operating in one of Macedonia’s industrial zones. The Agency for Foreign Investments says this is another confirmation of the efforts they have so far made to attract foreign investments in Macedonia.

“New possibilities for creation of jobs and also for cooperation with many local companies will thus open up. It is also important to us that in this initial stage, equipment and machines have been supplied from home companies. In the future, the area will expand and be fitted with most sophisticated machines,” said the Deputy Director of the Agency for Foreign Investments, Kliment Sekerovski.

According to the co-owner of the Belgian company, Luc Slabbinck, their setting foot in the Macedonian market will be a positive sign and a recommendation to their business partners and other Belgian firms to follow suit. Last year Belgian investments in Macedonia totaled 1.3 billion euros.