admin1 – March 11, 2015 – 2:36pm

The Democratic Party of Albanian (PDSH) leveled a cannonade of insults and allegations against SDSM leader Zoran Zaev saying his goal was to discredit not only PDSH but also the political elites of Albania and Kosovo. BDI reiterated that their leader Ahmeti’s record was crystal clear and that they would defend the interest of the party rather than their ministers and officeholders from Zaev’s ‘bombs’.

The atmosphere in the Albanian political campus has heated up after Zaev told the Albanian television Top Channel that BDI and PDSH were servants to VMRO-DPMNE and that he would reveal recordings showcasing how corrupt certain officials from both parties are.  He also said he had recordings of conversations between Albanian ministers from Macedonia with ministers from Kosovo and Albania.

PDSH leader Menduh Thaci, on the other hand, resolutely stated Zaev had no evidence against him and his associates.

“The kid from Strumica cannot have any criminal files about me because I don’t do that kind of things and don’t let my associates get implicated in criminal activities either,” Thaci said.