admin1 – April 21, 2015 – 1:41pm

At a meeting of the General Affairs Council of the EU, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU member states are going to pass Tuesday for the first time conclusions concerning the political situation in Macedonia, MIA’s Brussels-based correspondent reports.

They are expected to reconfirm the Union’s Thessaloniki Agenda commitment, the conclusion from the Summit of the European Council of 16 December last year, and Macedonia’s candidate member state status. However, at the proposal of European foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini’s service, the EU will also “raise deep concern over the aggravated situation in the country, especially concerning rule of law, and honoring basic rights and freedom of media, as fundamental democratic values being at the heart of the EU’s enlargement policy”.

At the proposal of the European External Action Service, the Council of the EU is also going to call on all parties to take immediate measures to restart political dialogue and restore trust in institutions, as well as to investigate allegations by fully honoring all procedures.

“The responsibility for this rests with the country’s political leaders,” the conclusion of the Council is expected to underline.