admin1 – April 24, 2015 – 2:16pm

Three days after a group of about 40 gunmen attacked the Gosince checkpoint on Macedonia’s northern border to Kosovo, commentaries by analysts from the region and Europe, and reactions from foreign institutions have not stopped pouring in.

A concern and a recommendation to the authorities of Macedonia and Kosovo to hold a meeting at the highest level and to cooperate have been expressed in the statement of the European Union, which condemned the attack.

“We are concerned about the violent incident at the Gosince police station in Lipkovo Municipality. It is vitally important that this case be resolved in a responsible manner. We expect the authorities and political parties to do all in their power to keep political or interethnic tension from escalating,” said Anka Padurari from the press service of the Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has also posted a statement on its official website in regard to the Macedonian border incident.

“The incident on the Macedonian border is proof of the lingering sharp ethnic problems and conflict potential in that part of the Balkans. The situation is made worse by a major lack of law abidance and security in Kosovo, which obviously stems from the unresolved Kosovo problem in general. The calls for a Greater Albania that are heard more and more often in the region cannot be overlooked either,” the Russian MFA stated.