admin1 – April 27, 2015 – 1:01pm

Some of the weapons stolen from the Macedonian police in the attack on the Gosince border post last Tuesday were found in the village of Malino Maalo near Lipkovo on Sunday, Utrinski vesnik reports.

The massive police operation began in early morning on Sunday after the police received operative information that people connected to the border post attack were hiding in the village.

In the raid on several houses in Malino Maalo, a village near Macedonia’s border to Kosovo, weapons and ammunition were found. The Interior Ministry said more information about the operation would be presented on Monday.

The Gosince border post was attacked on Tuesday at about 2.30 in the morning when about 40 gunmen wearing uniforms of the disbanded paramilitary group UCK captured and disarmed the four Macedonian police officers at the post. They handcuffed three of them and started beating the fourth one, while filming the whole incident with a video camera.

They said they didn’t want any Ohrid agreements, took the weapons and radio equipment they found at the pos, broke the police officers’ cell phones and left.

Several names have so far been mentioned in connection with the Gosince attack. While the identity of some of them has not yet been confirmed others denied having anything to do with the incident. Sources from the investigation say more than half of the gunmen have been identified yet evidence was still being collected.

The situation in the region of Kumanovo and Lipkovo has been calm over the past few days, while appeals for reason and easing of tension have been sent from all sides.