admin1 – May 5, 2015 – 1:18pm

Conducting dialogue within the framework of institutions is the first step in overcoming the political crisis, said Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki on Monday, commenting on the Declaration on Macedonia of the Monitoring Committee of the Council of Europe, after the lecture of Ambassador Marc Otte, Director of the Royal Institute for International Relations of the Kingdom of Belgium, delivered at the Institute for Geostrategic Research and Foreign Policy in Skopje.

Poposki added that the lack of constructive dialogue was going to do serious damage to Macedonia. Crucial to him is that all political stakeholders act responsibly, which will also be important for the recommendation Macedonia is to receive later this year.

“The report is being drafted and these are the crucial three months that will be assessed most thoroughly as far as the results of the political dialogue in Macedonia are concerned.  What that report includes will depend on this,” the Macedonian foreign minister said.

He added that after six successive recommendations the EC was under tremendous pressure regarding Macedonia.