admin1 – June 14, 2006 – 12:01pm
T-Mobile logo.

Mobimak officially announced on Tuesday the start of its re-branding process into T-Mobile. The amount of more than 5 million euros needed to this end will be provided by T-Mobile.


According to Michael Gunther, member of the Board of Directors of T-Mobile International, Mobimak's re-branding is not going to bring about any changes in the company.

"T-Mobile has so far carried out nine re-brandings in companies where we're present. None had to undergo any organizational or management changes. In the future Mobimak's clients will be able to feel the benefits of the international T-Mobile Group not only at home, but also when traveling abroad. With this process, Deutsche Telekom gives a considerable boost to the country's economic development," Mr. Gunther said.

Mobimak's CEO Rubin Zareski announced more benefits for the clients, such as most sophisticated mobile phones and improved technologies for easier use of the latest services.

"The entrance of a brand such as T-Mobile will place Macedonia on the list of countries stable for investments," Mr. Zareski said.

In addition to Mobimak, Makedonski telekomunikacii (Telecom) too will become member of the international family of T-Mobile next year. Telecom CEO Attila Sczendrei said Telecom's re-branding would take a few million euros.