admin1 – July 5, 2006 – 7:07pm

The political parties' initial assessments of the fifth parliamentary elections are good in general, with a few minor remarks. Only the parties from the Albanian political block, BDI and PDSH, aired serious complaints concerning the elections process, accusing each other of irregularities and announcing lodging of appeals with the State Election Commission (DIK).

Gzim Ostreni, head of BDI's election headquarters, said he would appeal with DIK against the violation of the law in a few poling stations in Tearce, Saraj and Bogovinje. He rejected the allegations from PDSH that BDI activists stuffed ballot boxes in Rasce.

Imer Aliu, spokesperson for PDSH, said appeals would be lodged with DIK due to the election irregularities in Zajas, Oslomej and Kicevo. He claims that in these places elections ended at 10.30 hrs because BDI stuffed the boxes by that time. Aliu rejected the accusation from BDI that PDSH stuffed ballot boxes in Tearce and Dzepciste. He told A1 TV that in these villages police ill-treated PDSH activists.

DIK confirmed that in Dzepciste and Brvenica the vote was discontinued.

SDSM announced that these were the best elections ever and that they expect a very good election outcome.

VMRO-DPMNE cautioned that in a number of municipalities double voters' lists appeared, of which it notified the OSCE and the other international monitors. The party said it was pleased with the voters' turnout. According to their unofficial data, as much as 63 percent of the voters went to the polls.

VMRO-NP assessed that the elections went in a good atmosphere, voicing only slight remarks. The party believes that the international community should positively evaluate the elections as a step further in Macedonia's integration with the EU and NATO.

Tito Petkovski's NSDP complained that leaving their acronym out of the voters' list confused voters and so they intend to lodge appeals with DIK.

The other smaller parties had all positive views of the election day.