admin1 – August 21, 2006 – 11:13am

Improvement of the living standard, increase of employment, intensified fight against corruption, development of democracy, improvement of the interethnic relations, political stability, and integration into the EU and NATO will be the main aims of the new Macedonian Government over the next four years, states the program that mandatary Nikola Gruevski submitted to the Assembly. The parliamentarians will debate on this program on Friday.

Gruevski promises dynamic implementation of the structural reforms; increase of the competitiveness of Macedonian firms; more investments in information technology, technology, and education; increase of the country's attractiveness for foreign and domestic investors by introducing the lowest taxes in Europe; and other stimulation for investment. He also promises transparent work of the state institutions, improved public infrastructure, and easier access to financial means. Radical tax and customs reforms will be implemented, interest rates will be halved, and mortgage crediting will be revived.

The Government plans an annual economic growth of 6 to 8 percent.