admin1 – October 17, 2005 – 1:51pm

We would like to inform you that all the MIC products that you are subscribed to and that you have so far received by email or fax, you can hereafter access online on the MIC web site We note that the online products will differ from those that you receive by email or fax as follows:

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1. All the online products posted on the web site will hereafter be available much faster by posting every news the moment we have it ready, as you will receive the whole product by email or fax at usual times.

2. The online products could be more insightful considering that in the future we are going to try to constantly improve their quality so that becomes a shared basic tool in our everyday work.

3. You can read our daily flash news and, very soon, headlines on the home page of

4. You will have access to one-month online archive of every MIC product you are subscribed to (this is still under construction).

5. You will also have access to all the new online content to be realized in the future.

You can access online the products that you are already subscribed to once you get a username and password appropriate to your subscription. There are no additional costs. You are entitled to a username and password based on your heretofore subscription to the MIC services.

All you need to do is fill out our form for a 7-day free trial by December 31, 2005 and the MIC Team will grant your request in keeping with your current subscription.

Please fill out the form timely given that all requests for access as of January 1, 2006 will be considered brand new and subject to the new pricelist and terms of use.

We made a compromise developing laying stress on its usability at the expense perhaps of its design.

What matters to us very much is your feedback. Please visit our contact page and do not hesitate to send to us your opinion.


MIC Management

Skopje, 22 September, 2005